Karen Filice     Broker of Record
Tel: 905-481-3206 X 222
Fax: 905-481-3207
Email: info@cirriusrealty.ca
Web Site: www.cirrius.ca

Karen Filice has been in the real estate industry since the late 1980, she has been in the real estate industry as a sales representative, broker, broker of record, investor, renovator and mortgage broker.

Karen's personal projects have been plaza remediation and resale, demolition and severance of lots and subsequent resale to builders, and house remediation and resale. Together with her husband, their personal strategy for investing involves fixing, severancing, and reselling.

Developers have taken advantage of Karen's expertise with high rise condominium (and mid rise), with consultations to determine feasibility and liaising with architects on design to ensure the saleability to the target market.

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John Gallagher    Sales Representative
Tel: 905-481-3206 ext 242
Fax: 905-481-3207
Email: johngallagher@cirriusrealty.ca
Web Site: 

John Gallagher has been involved in real estate for approximately 28 years.  As well as being a broker, he is an accomplished mortgage broker who is uniquely positioned to help all his clients.  One of his specialties is internet marketing and lead generation which is of a huge benefit to any of his clients.  

Marco Visocchi    Sales Representative
Tel: 905-481-3206 ext 402
Fax: 905-481-3207
Email: marcovisocchi@cirriusrealty.ca


Marco brings significant experience to the table as a successful business owner. In real estate, his renovation connections are invaluable to those fixing and flipping, or looking to spruce up their properties for the “property brothers” touch in order to maximize their selling price.


 Les Mekli     Sales Representative
 Tel: 905-481-3206 X 241
 Fax: 905-481-3207
 Email: les@cirriusrealty.ca

Les brings years of experience to the real estate marketplace. Licensed since the 1980's he's seen all sides of the business - resale, new construction, renovations, investment, commercial. Solid negotiating skills make him an ideal buyer or seller sales representative.

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 Vanessa Perry     Sales Representative
 Tel: 905-481-3206 X
 Fax: 905-481-3207
 Email: vanessaperry@cirriusrealty.ca
As a mother of a young family, Vanessa knows how busy life can be. She prides herself on helping clients achieve their real estate dreams without unnecessary stress. Using the strong negotiation and relationship management skills she gained as a corporate project manager, Vanessa brings a people-focused approach to every transaction. As an active real estate investor, she understands how to help clients build wealth for themselves, their families and their future

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 Kaitlyn Carter     Sales Representative
 Tel: 905-481-3206 
 Fax: 905-481-3207
 Email: kaitlyn@cirriusrealty.ca

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